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Secretarial services at EBC Amsterdam

Running a business involves many small tasks that after a while take up quite a lot of time in your schedule, such as answering phone calls and processing mail. That is why you can also outsource your secretarial work at EBC Amsterdam! After all, we offer secretarial support, where we take over all these small tasks from you. This way you can fully focus on your business. Very handy.

Would you like not to be disturbed by telephone calls or small tasks during your working day, such as processing mail, scanning documents and sending emails? Then our secretarial support is really something for you.

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Why choose secretarial support?

If you rent a (virtual)office space in Amsterdam from us, you also have the option to opt for secretarial support . There are some advantages to this, such as:

  • Flexible support: Depending on your wishes, we can support your company for a few hours every week or every month. This is flexible and can also be adapted to the growth of your company. For that reason it is also very affordable; After all, you do not have to hire a permanent (part-time or full-time) employee.
  • More time for important things: Receiving many calls every day can completely absorb your focus. In addition, it can also take a lot of time. But what if… you could put that time into your business? With our secretarial support you know that you can focus 100% on your work.
  • EBC Amsterdam knows you and your company: Our permanent employees not only know you and your company, they also know your customers and answer the telephone professionally. Handy, right?

We offer our secretarial support (remotely) to our customers who rent a normal or a virtual office in Amsterdam. The secretarial support is provided by the ladies from the front office, so you already know these faces! It is a very flexible support; For example, if you want us to also carry out some specific tasks such as booking hotels and flights, then that is certainly possible.

Other business support services from EBC Amsterdam

In addition to our secretarial support, we also offer other business support services. Consider telephone answering or our “personal assistant” service where we can be deployed for a variety of tasks, from answering emails to taking laundry to the dry cleaners and planning dinner parties. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I request secretarial support from EBC Amsterdam?

    For our secretarial support, please feel free to contact us or visit the ladies in the front office.

  • What kind of secretarial support does EBC Amsterdam offer?

    Our secretarial support is very flexible, so we can handle different things for you. Think of taking minutes, answering the phone, processing mail, sending company gifts and more.

  • How is secretarial support used at EBC Amsterdam?

    Are your secretarial duties taking up too much time in your schedule? Then you can outsource it to the professionals at EBC Amsterdam! Answering phone calls, processing mail, booking hotels… we do it all! This is very flexible support that can be tailored to your wishes and needs.

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