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Virtual address Amsterdam

Would you like to have your business address in a location with a lot of allure? Or do you not want to use your private address for your business? Then you can rent a business address at EBC Amsterdam on Keizersgracht – one of the most beautiful locations in the city and one with international allure.

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Virtual address

If you choose a virtual address at EBC Amsterdam, you can not only use our address, you also enjoy the benefits we offer our customers. For example, we accept mail and packages and we speak to your customers professionally by telephone. Do your customers want to see your workplace or do you want to shake their hands in real life? Then you can easily rent one of our unique, inspiring meeting rooms.

Give your company a professional appearance and rent your business address now at EBC Amsterdam, popular with entrepreneurs for more than 40 years.

A virtual address at an iconic location in Amsterdam

Anyone who has ever been to Amsterdam or heard of the city knows the canal belt. It therefore gives a certain prestige if your virtual office in Amsterdam is located in a stately building on the Keizersgracht. You can use our address for your website, business cards and more. Rent a business address at EBC Amsterdam:

  • Professional welcome by our reception staff who know you
  • Hospitable reception of your visitors at meetings
  • Reception service
  • Telephone answer (international or local telephone number)
  • Accepting mail (letters, parcels and courier shipments)
  • Possibility to place your company logo at the reception
  • Use of our address for company communications such as business cards, website and more
  • Very convenient: you do not have the costs of a permanent office space

Meetings on the Keizersgracht

Of course, it is logical that your customers also want to come on location occasionally. That is why we have several beautiful meeting rooms for 2 to 20 people that you can rent at a favorable rate for an hour or part day. Each meeting room is equipped with everything you need to have an inspiring meeting, meeting or brainstorming session. Of course there is hi-speed internet everywhere.

Also nice: our reception staff have years of experience and receive your customers in a cheerful, professional manner. View our meeting rooms in Amsterdam here. How about our garden house near the beautiful French courtyard or the Ajax Room?

The benefits of having a virtual address

If you choose to rent a virtual business address, you will enjoy the appearance of our address and the services that EBC Amsterdam offers, but you do not have the high cost of a permanent office space. A virtual address is therefore ideal if you like to work from home, but want to give your company a little more prestige and/or if you do not like having to mention your personal address on all your correspondence.

If you would like to switch from our ‘virtual address’ package to a real office at EBC Amsterdam in the long term, that is of course also possible. We rent office spaces in Amsterdam where the interior, cleaning, WiFi, reception service and more are all included. So handy!

Would you like a virtual address on Keizersgracht? Then come by for a tour or complete our quotation form below. We will get back to you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I request more information about a virtual office?

    Looking for more information about our ‘virtual office’ service? Then you can call us on +31 (0)20 520 7500. Without obligation, of course!

  • What are the amenities of a virtual office?

    In principle, a virtual office has no facilities, but at EBC Amsterdam we do put the name of your company at our reception and we can receive and forward mail and answer the telephone. We also give you the option to meet for 2 half-days per month in one of our meeting rooms for a small additional charge.

  • What are the advantages of a virtual office?

    There are several advantages: firstly, you can use a convenient – ​​or in the case of EBC: prestigious – business address. But secondly, it also gives you privacy as an entrepreneur if you work from home and do not want to mention this on all your business communications. If you rent a business office at EBC Amsterdam, you can also receive your clients in our meeting rooms, we can take your calls and accept parcels.

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