As an entrepreneur it is nice if you can focus your time and energy on what is really important. But nevertheless, doing business also involves quite a few administrative tasks, which many entrepreneurs do not always enjoy. That is why we offer administrative support at EBC Amsterdam. Our professionals can book your flights and hotel stays for business trips, make sure invoices are paid in time, transcribe meetings and more. That means you have more time to truly focus on your business!

Other business support services from EBC Amsterdam

Did you know that in addition to administrative support, we also offer other services? You can for instance also opt for secretarial services with us. We can process your mail, scan and email documents, make copies, answer phone calls and more. Are you rather looking for all-round support? Then we also offer “Personal assistant services”. In that case, we are happy to take over your administrative and secretarial support and we are also available for other tasks. Do you, for instance, need to cater for a small event? That’s no problem! And would you like to send a thoughtful gift to your business relations, but are you struggling to choose? We’ll figure it out. 

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